Too much!!!! Too bad!!!

Marriages are made in heaven...yup i agree...but quarrels, fights, tragedies are made on earth??? wat d hell? I do admit dat life has to have many compromises and adjustments!! but only till its threshold rite??? And dis marriage??? specially our indian marriage system..the system, the society....they bend a person untill he gets used to a neck band al d tym...dis situation is much more worse wen it comes to a gal!!

My mother tells me 3 words...three rules for a gal to lead a "Happy" married lyf...funny isn't it?? They call it Happy??? well those three are....

1. Adjust
2. Bear
3. Compromise

Stupid ABC's n I hate these d most!!!!

"Till wen???" I retorted... and her response was a simple shrug!! So, a gal has to bear every insult, should adjust in every pathetic situation, should compromise even if its d question of her self respect...and now she says i should lose my career for marriage??? no way!!! just bcoz i'm on a different path. how cn I b an odd one out??? Even if d in laws speak ill about my parents, I should not protest....wat d heck id dis all about??? A gal enjoys her 25yrs of lyf wid her parents love n affection, n d minute some guy ties a knot to her, she should abandon their love on their foot steps...should san all d affections n relations der itself n walk behind d so called soul-mate??? how cn a gal change her 25yrs of mindset just for dis relation??? TRUE INJUSTICE!!!

Thinking a bit different is a blunder kya?? In d context of a gal...dat too wen she comes to the age of getting married?? wat d hell is my career got to do wid my marriage???  Hmmm...enough is enough....I want a change in d system...I want change in d mindsets...I want change in almost every aspect!!!

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