A new year!

Yet another year slipped from the gaps of our fingers, slowly and slyly.
I just can't fathom the life had I not lived this year! So many things and just so much progress into life. And the best part is, I got to do it together with the company of a person whom I never got to know totally up until recent past. So looking forward to the challenges 2016 is about to throw. And I know for a fact that , life is gonna take one irreversible turn and it makes me happy that it's all for the greater good. OK its not the "Harry Potter" kind of greater good TBH! I am completely content with the way things turned out in 2015 but the latter part sucked big time! Not gonna get to the reminiscence part. Just NO. 

Its a very old and a boring saying that "Everything Happens for a reason & God has a plan for us all." But as boring and cliche as it may seem, it's also damn true and my personal experience enlightens me this much, thank you!

So praying and hoping that this Love, Trust, Togetherness, Faith and God's gifted Companionship stays the same through out! Touchwood!

Happy new year y'all!!! Stay blessed!

Get away!

Finally had a well deserved last get away this month.
Bid goodbye to yet another awesome summer in Washington. 
Chose Mt. Crystal and Paradise as our destinations. Totally worth it! The Gondala Rides, Awesome Utopian landscapes, Yummy food, foggy mornings, cozy beds What not. The perfect holiday! For the first time ever I can't believe but I actually hiked. And that's a start. Ofcourse its pouring rains and showers once again in Seattle now so I must say that Fall 2015 is round the corner as temperatures are slyly falling below 50's! Time to take out those comforters and give them a good wash, and also to polish my winter boots as rains are pretty damp and messy here! So far so good, its windy and pleasant since the past one week in spite of those irksome rains and road blocks every now and then! Nothing much left to pen down. Siyonara!

Summer!! Lovely Summer!

Compared to our old apartment, our new apartment was so cool and pleasant for this summer. With loads of greenery everywhere, a considerably spacious patio, Lovely shady pavements to go on long walks, breezy days. Its so pleasant. Being from the southern part of India, I never ever imagined that someday I would love even Summers! I love the way how tables turn for the good. And the most blissful part of this summer was well spent at a beach! I had such a good time that I can't forget. It was my ideal summer vacation. A long weekend on the shores of the Pacific! It was a bliss!

Awesome authentic seafood, Fireworks, sand dunes, Sunbath, goofing around with the waves! It was awesome. And guess what? I made friends with some adorable pets too! I always considered myself a Dog person. But I fell for a cute kitten "Milo". He was such an adorable fur ball! Loved the place this time more than the last! 

Staying off the grid for a weekend enjoying nothing but sun-kissed mornings, good food, and ocean's bliss.. That's life! Over all, this summer rocks!


Been a while right? I know... Life's pretty much ordinary and routine you know and that's why couldn't find anything to pen down... Just made some petty resolutions though! First, to stop my soda addiction. Took to drinking loads and loads of water and tripling my trips to the loo- That's the downside! Second, Made a point to read more, Put my kindle to good use. Third, an attempt to become a little bold to venture things, something which I avoided all my life. Yep! So trying my best to make these 3 a habit for now... Oh yeah and forgot, never-mind how lousy my drafting skills are now, I wanna write just whatever I can and spill everything right here instead of bottling up every stupid thing in my already crammed otherwise clueless mind! Oh Yeah, and the fourth, to make sure I spend less time on social networking and more on knowing current affairs, in other words, putting my laptop and internet to some good use other than just some useless browsing. Yeah I know what you think now, "What's the big deal in these?" Well, you never know how irksome my lifestyle was even to me! Time to start with trivial things like these before making some really big decisions in life right? Because I am yet to do a lot which I am phobic to.. getting over my fears will be the first step. And yeah, I recently developed a special interest in documentaries you know... And OMG! I never ever bothered to check out Netflix properly but now I see the collection it had... Numerous documentaries just about anything! I should start a documentary marathon for a change now... And summer's right around the corner so no more getting glued to the couch. Time to get my ass outside for fresh air! Hehe... That's it for now... Have a good summer you all! Bubye!!! 

Spring Ahoy!!

Yayy... Atlast the color drama of autumn was stopped by 

cold winters where not one leaf was let to remain on its tree, the hibernating trees woke from their slumber and stretched their wings.. Oops! I mean to say branches, and started sprouting leaves, buds & blossoms.. Well, I was in a slumber too..
Sipping hot tea, covering myself in a warm blanket with a book, that's how I spent most of my winter! Dragged myself to an occasional visit to some thai cuisine for hot food and soups though.. And now, after the dull days have almost come to an end, I stretched my legs and began taking some long walks on sun-kissed mornings... Seldom taking a snap or two at blossoms and leaflets.. They are actually wide awake now.. Looks like it! But you know what my biggest relief is? Chucking those heavy woolen clothes and scarves, gloves, boots and what not sort of extra baggage.. They now gloomily rest in the rarely visited corner of my closet! (Wait till winter bites your nose and ears off! Grrr!) Time to take out some really vibrant spring summer colors out, and compete with the season! That means messing up the whole bedroom with dresses scattered all around! ("What the hell happened to my apartment?" Yells my husband!) 

Anyways, enough yapping about the obvious things... I am waiting for the tulip festival... Missed it last year thanks to rains! Yeah... Its a festival in Seattle if it doesn't rain! :P But not gonna miss it this time... I have a feeling that this summer will be far more new than the last one... Gonna drop by some lakes, go on trails, hike if I can.. Yep.. That's it! And last but not least, Happy All Fool's Day! :)


May be I am being so Miss Obvious yapping about how much I love winters and snow... But well, brace yourselves 'Coz here I go again! Been to Leavenworth for the Christmas weekend and may be that was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Have never ever been to a place which it so pure and fair and white .. snow clad mountains, breathtaking drives, rivers, lakes, valleys... And my favorite part, the snowfall!!!!! 

Experiencing your first real snowfall is something you always fail so terribly to express... Its just one of those things which are better experienced than explained! :) Made a really awful looking snowman! Shopped totally stupid things which I will never need... Ate like there's gonna be an apocalypse soon.. May be that's what Christmas is all about you know.. Live your life to the fullest even though you know pretty well that you are just being insane! I was that there!!! All by myself!!! :)

My awesome camera on which I spent a fortune couldn't capture the awesomeness of the place! I just filled my heart with the warmth of the eve, almost lost the senses of my nose & ears, My throat gone, but still the trip was totally worth it!!!!!! 

Its a must visit place! The sun rises and sunsets cannot be missed! The misty mountain highs luring you towards some Utopian landscape, sipping Hot tea in freezing cold temperatures... Its a bliss!!! Way to go "Leavenworth"!

Long Time No See?!

Hey... Its been really really long... More than four months since I last updated something on this blog... Because its been a rather busy Year end you know! Went to India after what seemed like a whole lifetime thinking that my long 45-day vacation would be long and refreshingly awesome! But time just flew like that in just a blink of my eye! That's rude! Really! 

Ofcourse part of it was also because the trip was not actually a vacation but rather a pilgrimage TBH! Visited temples like crazy! Shuttled from Hyderabad to Chennai, From Chennai to Karaikkudi, then again back to Chennai, again to Hyderabad, from Hyderabad to Vijayawada, again back to Hyderabad, then back to Chennai and from Chennai Back to US. Phew! What a shuttle match its been! 

Its not that I didn't get to have some awesome memories! I met my near and dear ones including the new additions.. (Couple of my friends recently became parents! Yayy!) Shopped, ate, spoke a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot (Fought a lot too! But lets not talk about that! Happy memories Divya, for good time's sake!)... It was a blend of every little thing and the trip made me realize just how much I really miss when I am here... Golgappe and Biryani of my own Hyderabad, The beach of Chennai being the most important things I missed apart from my loved ones!

Its been a great trip indeed! :) And with all these Heavy, yet Happy memories... I got back! :)