Am now 27! OMG!!

Yeah... Can't believe am in my late 20's already! Its my first birthday away from my parents.. So not at all excited about this..! And adding to this... Recently found out that its the taboo- "Friday the 13th" along with a full moon.. So a complete Halloween kind of situation out there...! Hell yeah! Should go to a temple... Then come back home ASAP and then gonna stay put at home and sleep tight!

Huhh.. I so miss my mom's delicious birthday dishes! My bro's not gonna be there either, thanks to his job! Its gonna be boring anyways even if I was at home.. Seems its been ages since I had a proper birthday gathering with near and dear friends... It was always like this... My birthday was a holiday always... Because of summer holidays! Never got the chance to celebrate in the school along with my schoolmates... Wo din toh gaye hamesha keliye!! And now I wish my birthday comes as late as possible as am now 27 Aaaarrrgghhh!!! Anyways... wish me luck.. Adios!!!!! :)