Orcas Island..

Well I should say this was my most awaited trip... Things have gone pretty hectic both for me and my husband... Its like everything is so pushy around me.. Chasing me! I really, badly needed a well deserved break from all this... To a place where its serene and heavenly... And when you live in Washington, its even more easily accessible.. We browsed and found "Orcas Island!"

Simply the best place to heal yourself... in every possible way.... the beaches, the authentic food we get there... the scenic locations... whale watching.. kayaking.. trekking.. driving through the untouched forests and landscapes... seeing plush greenery almost everywhere you go... watching the sky changing colors at dawn and dusk... observing the fluctuations in the ocean currents... ferry rides... And there are many more to do but unfortunately i had only a weekend... Truely cherishing place ever!!!