Seriously... These days I have actually seen people... Not just two faced but multifaceted... No regret and no remorse either... To console their self conscience and to feel free from the itching self guilt... They just go blame the person whom they feel is lame enough to take your punches... Yep! A literal punchbag!!! You are their guardian angel when they need you, as long as you are nice to them and keep taking their crap without another word. But the moment you stand upto yourself, and take no more of their shit, You become all of a sudden, a horrible person!! Now, my dear foul mouthed expert, listen. Just because I love you, doesn't mean that you can hurt me... Doesn't mean that you can hurt me and still expect me to put a smiling face.. Just because I think highly of you doesn't mean that I am second to you, because I am second to none! You trash talk right on my face, and expect me to stay dumb? What am I?? Am I not human? I have a heart, I have feelings, I get hurt too...Not a day, not a month... It turned out to be years, before I realized that I am hurting myself more and more because I take your feelings to be of more importance than my own... Its been ages and at last I realized that my Self respect is my priciest possession... I can't expect others to respect me and my feelings when I myself take so little notice... Well, better late than never.. Enough is enough... Call me a bad-ass, call me an arrogant bitch, call me a total wreck.. But I won't give a damn of what your judgmental brain thinks of me... I am me, I love myself, and yes.. Now as I know what you are, I don't have any regrets! I am always a step above you... always.. forever! Because you know what??? When I decide that nobody can hurt me, Nobody can! Mark my words... Nobody can!!!!