Never occurred to me that summers will be so Hot and Humid here in Seattle too... But being near to the seashore, yeah! Its taking a toll on me! I actually didn't like Seattle at first because it used to rain almost everyday and I felt the city always cries! Heheee!! I know its a little exaggerating but the damp city and the damp wind made me think so! And now I am famished for rain! Yeah I admit that I am so cheesy! May be I am not alone in that! And there is one more reason for me wanting rains soon... Because, not to be rude.. Am tired of seeing people doing sunbath in their Undies every morning! Yeah sounds hilarious but that's true! The temperatures went beyond 90 Fahrenheit and it was unbearable! Nights have become tough too.. I was under the wrong notion that Seattle will be damp and cold all the year.. Leased an apartment with only a heater! And now realized I am all nuts! Anyways, I woke up in the morning with splatters on my windowpane, and saw this beautiful site... All of a sudden a dampened city which I was always tired of, seemed so beautiful and scenic to me! It made my day... Knew from the weather forecast that Its gonna shower all day... That's why, wasted no time.. I went out promptly, got wet, and came back home! And now chilling out with awesome headache! Lolz!! Am happy!!!

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