Stop Rape!!!

I don't even know how to react to such bizarre incidents... An innocent 6 year old girl getting raped by a teacher??? Where are we going? I can say that if such things keep happening, every mother will pray that she shouldn't give birth to a girl... Female infanticide takes a whole new purpose, and that will be the end of mankind for sure.. Everybody, every man, including my own dad... They all blame women for their dressing, their lifestyle... Some filthy hypocrites even go to the extent of saying that, women empowerment is the reason behind rapes... And one gentleman whom I know (Ofcourse I regret being friends with him now) said that, "If a girl doesn't wanna get raped, nobody can rape her... She surrenders 'easily' And thats why rapists get their grip!" What Bullshit is this??? Be real men, zip your pants and fight for your sisters, your mothers, your friends... Don't just blame a girl for everything... Even the great political figures and renowned cops, shame on them because they make such stupid controversial statements on a woman's lifestyle, all in all concluding that its the woman who provokes men to rape her! "Kabhi kabhi ladkon se aise galtiyaan hojaate hai!" , "If the girl called the rapist "Bhayya" then she wouldn't have got raped", "Girls should stop wearing jeans to avoid rapes","Girls shouldn't get social with boys","Girls shouldn't wear makeup!".. Seriously??? Are you kidding me??? Do you have anything called a brain in that big fat skull of yours?? And look at those lamest of the lame punishments those bastards are sentenced to... And the girl, along with her entire family, are shunned by the society, they are literally slaughtered with humiliation.. She can never have a normal life she deserves... And yet you blame her??? They say she should have taken a brother or some man with her for her safety... That's not the whole bloody point is it??? Why the hell should a girl get so scared of a neighbor? an old man next door? her boss? taxi driver? her boyfriend? her colleague? Her classmate? Why???  I am telling you... And I am not ashamed of this... I am from a very middle class family and I always use public transport to travel.. I always wear a normal salwar suit, I wear a scarf round my head.. Do you know how many times I was being groped??? How many times I faced eve teasing?? I have even seen small school girls being brushed and violated in broad public transport... But I made sure that every single scoundrel who messed with me, would pay his price... But how many women out there actually dare enough to stand up for themselves? they can't! You know why? When I slapped the guy who was groping me and started shouting at him, people around me were merely enjoying the show but nobody seemed to care a damn!! Being around such ignorant fools only makes women more and more introverts and they shut their mouths for the rest of their lives... And many get violated and assaulted by their husbands, parents, relatives and never ever open their mouths... "Family Prestige!!" Such atrocities!!! Yeah Yeah I know pretty well that its just me whining!! Like always!! But who cares??? Dear girls... Please listen to me.. Please... Because this is very important... You should never let your guard down... Never let somebody make the more out of you and violate you... Just "STAND UP TO YOURSELVES!!" Don't think back... Be bold and be brave...Because now you know... Real men are rarest of the rare kind... So you just cannot rely on anybody... Give a tough fight till your last breathe... Yes, even if it costs you your life.. Fight for your self respect... All the mothers out there... Teach your daughters some self defense.. Worry about her grades later.. Guys, instead of lecturing us about what we should do or wear, if you really care, watch out for us... All the dads... Don't just run after some NRI or handsome guy for your little girl... Make sure he is mentally sane enough... And most of all, dear girls, God forbid, but if a life threatening assault is at your door step, make sure he pays a terrible price before he ruins you...! 

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