Did someone call you a "Bitch?"

Yes! I bet that every girl in her life must have been called a "bitch". I never really understood from where this term really came from but it became so casual and so ready-to-use for everybody just for anything!! I doubt if some people really know the true definition of a bitch! And some girls even think that being called a bitch is something to brag about.. Really? Are you kidding me? And the other day I was in the mall, a group of high school girls ended up yelling at each other with horrible words... "You are a slut!","You are one F*** Bitch!" Girls come on! Unless you stop calling yourselves like this, you can't ask a guy to stop all this right? And guys be like, "Stop bitching around!","Don't be such a Bitch!", and last but not the least,"You son of a bitch!" What's that supposed to mean? And using this particular bitch term has become so cool and popular that its even being modified as Beeyoches! Really? And no women or girl gives a damn about this! Girls wake up!!! You can't be called like that for everything!! Watch any sitcom, stand-up comedy, movie.. If there's a dialogue with a Bitch in it, People love it! Disgusting!

See this ? "Bitchology".. Seems absurd yeah but this explains a whole lot of what's actually goes on in a girl's life! And when I shared these things with some guys, they said, "Big deal! We call our friends bastards!" God help You! People!! Its not right! Neither bitch not bastard is right!! You absolutely can't let this thing carry on and pass on!!

Even if a girl and a guy are in a relationship, just like any other couple they have their share of arguments and rough patches, and they, like numerous other couples, end up calling each other "Bitch" and "Son of a bitch" respectively!! Where are you going? If you wanna scold a guy scold him.. Why bring his mother in between.. If you have some issues with a girl tel that to her... Call her a stupid or an idiot if she isn't making any sense... Why call her a bitch?

And some girls be like, "Hell yeah!! Am not A Bitch!! I am The Bitch!!" What does that even mean? Girls.. Do you even know where this is going? Let me quote a few examples..
1. You have many friends among boys, You are called a bitch!
2. If you work late nights, You are a bitch!
3. If you smoke or drink, You are a bitch!
4. If you wear short dresses, You are a bitch!
5. If you laugh out aloud, You are a bitch!
6. If you are bold, You are a bitch!
7. If you get raped, they say, "She was being a Bitch! Serves her right!"
and last but not the least!
8. If you take a selfie and post on your profile, You are "An Attention-Seeking Whore!"

What in the name of God is happening...? Please take a moment and think about it... A note to boys, "Don't defend yourselves saying that, we call them bitches because they act like one. No. You should not! If you can't handle her then admit it like gentlemen. Don't just call her a bitch and feel you are cool.. On a contrary, You are pathetic!"

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