Its been more than a year since I landed here in US.. Though my family spent some great deal of my childhood transferring to many places around once called "Andhra Pradesh".. But the meaningful part of my childhood to adolescence was luckily spent in My "Hyderabad".. I called it my home.. The moment I set my foot there... This city made a kiddish girl, a woman...This is the place where I earned some really good friends, alibis and a good career... Learned a lot, thrived a lot... I've Learnt the typical Hyderabadi Hindi which I feel, is the awesome slang any language can ever evolve into... Its something like always being home... The yummy dum biryani, haleem, gorgeous bangles in the old city, the hussain sagar... more than 15 years slipped off in Hyderabad.. And now I really really miss it a lot... I miss hanging out with friends, watching the usual local streets and noisy evenings, traffic jams.. Pani poori, What not!! For some reason I never liked Madhapur area... Felt its a little off the usual city's style... Friends called me I am just being nuts but C'mon!! Charminar is the authentic Hyderabad!!! Even on Ganesh Chathurthi, I know how much of a deal it is in Hyderabad.. It just has to be Hyderabad and no other place to see the festival... And Holi will get a whole new look in Hyderabad... The film nagar is a whole new place where you can spot an aspiring artist, or a musician, or a wanna-be-director sitting in the local cafe's explaining some movie to his audience while having some irani chai... Loads of engineering college buses buzzing around the city... The bus stops packed with people... Its a city that never ever sleeps!! Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills are off limits to me! Yeah... I shunned them because I feel they never imbibe the true spirit of Hyderabad in them... The list can go on and on... I can't even express it... Once I go back... I feel like never coming back here again! :) But I have to!! Miss you "Hyderabad"!! Miss you loads!!! You hold my life in you...!!! :)

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