Ocean Shores!

Summers have never been so productive in my life! Productive in the sense, I've been working out a little, Reading a lot, Learning more and traveling often too! So over all, this summer has been so good! Been to some places which are really worth seeing... Astoria, The Pacific, Olympic National Park, Quinault Lake, Long Beach, Botanical Gardens.. Oh God I even forgot some places... The greenery and the warm sun... Its a bliss... Though its the hottest summer of washington, it was long and very good!! Gonna take with me some really worthy memories When I go home for the winter! Mom, I really miss you... I wanna see you ASAP... I miss everything about my home really!

Oh what an year! I won't say its has been so wonderful and cheerful, It had its share of unpleasantness as well... But no... Happy times Divya! Just talk about happy times!! Somethings are best experienced rather than wasting time in describing them... Its a total waste of time because for me, I suck at elucidating my thoughts right! Well.. Atleast if things stay the same way then that's all I ever ask for! Fingers crossed!! Amen! :)

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