I am a Harry Potter Maniac! And I am proud of it!!

Yeah! Am a 27 year old person and I developed the hobby of reading only after I came to know about this awesome series... My English improved, so did my self-esteem, my confidence, my soft skills... Reading Harry Potter was the basic step I took... I was an average student in my schooling... Never had interest in academics.. But this book, changed everything I felt about studying or reading or improving... Hated dictionaries, hated big books... Not anymore... It helped me from getting myself out of my shell.. The timid introvert girl in me disappeared and the bold me took over my life... And it has never been the same ever since... I was pretty tough competition at academics, debates, elocution, drafting and even at public speaking... Which later made me go into media... Because I got a hold of myself... I knew where I am good at... What I am capable of... How content I am with me... I think this... reading Harry Potter was the best thing I did though it was just out of curiosity, and also because I had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe! <3

Its not just my hobby, but I learnt a lot of things from all the characters of that book.. I could proudly say that I left my pessimistic attitude behind me for good... I was strong about myself, learned to love myself, learnt to be my best critic so that I wouldn't give another person to point me,,, If people say its just a fictional novel, I wouldn't agree with the "just" part.. Because it taught me things which made me what I am today... I owe J. K. Rowling for this,,, She is the best... My friends and even my husband said this a lot,,, "Why do you go ga-ga about Harry Potter?" Well, when you read it just like some random book, that's what you feel. 

Even today, if I am having a rough day, I'll just open some Harry Potter book and open a random chapter that lifts my mood and poof!! I am cheerful one again! That's the "magic"! That's why... Keep calm and read Harry Potter! You won't be sorry!!!! :)


  1. This is really interesting! Being a fan follower after coming across your statuses on FB & things that you mentioned on your blog Not only i noticed your English or your poetic sense of explaining/sharing out things to us.what i can say is your words are thought provoking really.!!