Long Time No See?!

Hey... Its been really really long... More than four months since I last updated something on this blog... Because its been a rather busy Year end you know! Went to India after what seemed like a whole lifetime thinking that my long 45-day vacation would be long and refreshingly awesome! But time just flew like that in just a blink of my eye! That's rude! Really! 

Ofcourse part of it was also because the trip was not actually a vacation but rather a pilgrimage TBH! Visited temples like crazy! Shuttled from Hyderabad to Chennai, From Chennai to Karaikkudi, then again back to Chennai, again to Hyderabad, from Hyderabad to Vijayawada, again back to Hyderabad, then back to Chennai and from Chennai Back to US. Phew! What a shuttle match its been! 

Its not that I didn't get to have some awesome memories! I met my near and dear ones including the new additions.. (Couple of my friends recently became parents! Yayy!) Shopped, ate, spoke a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot (Fought a lot too! But lets not talk about that! Happy memories Divya, for good time's sake!)... It was a blend of every little thing and the trip made me realize just how much I really miss when I am here... Golgappe and Biryani of my own Hyderabad, The beach of Chennai being the most important things I missed apart from my loved ones!

Its been a great trip indeed! :) And with all these Heavy, yet Happy memories... I got back! :)

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