May be I am being so Miss Obvious yapping about how much I love winters and snow... But well, brace yourselves 'Coz here I go again! Been to Leavenworth for the Christmas weekend and may be that was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Have never ever been to a place which it so pure and fair and white .. snow clad mountains, breathtaking drives, rivers, lakes, valleys... And my favorite part, the snowfall!!!!! 

Experiencing your first real snowfall is something you always fail so terribly to express... Its just one of those things which are better experienced than explained! :) Made a really awful looking snowman! Shopped totally stupid things which I will never need... Ate like there's gonna be an apocalypse soon.. May be that's what Christmas is all about you know.. Live your life to the fullest even though you know pretty well that you are just being insane! I was that there!!! All by myself!!! :)

My awesome camera on which I spent a fortune couldn't capture the awesomeness of the place! I just filled my heart with the warmth of the eve, almost lost the senses of my nose & ears, My throat gone, but still the trip was totally worth it!!!!!! 

Its a must visit place! The sun rises and sunsets cannot be missed! The misty mountain highs luring you towards some Utopian landscape, sipping Hot tea in freezing cold temperatures... Its a bliss!!! Way to go "Leavenworth"!

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