Spring Ahoy!!

Yayy... Atlast the color drama of autumn was stopped by 

cold winters where not one leaf was let to remain on its tree, the hibernating trees woke from their slumber and stretched their wings.. Oops! I mean to say branches, and started sprouting leaves, buds & blossoms.. Well, I was in a slumber too..
Sipping hot tea, covering myself in a warm blanket with a book, that's how I spent most of my winter! Dragged myself to an occasional visit to some thai cuisine for hot food and soups though.. And now, after the dull days have almost come to an end, I stretched my legs and began taking some long walks on sun-kissed mornings... Seldom taking a snap or two at blossoms and leaflets.. They are actually wide awake now.. Looks like it! But you know what my biggest relief is? Chucking those heavy woolen clothes and scarves, gloves, boots and what not sort of extra baggage.. They now gloomily rest in the rarely visited corner of my closet! (Wait till winter bites your nose and ears off! Grrr!) Time to take out some really vibrant spring summer colors out, and compete with the season! That means messing up the whole bedroom with dresses scattered all around! ("What the hell happened to my apartment?" Yells my husband!) 

Anyways, enough yapping about the obvious things... I am waiting for the tulip festival... Missed it last year thanks to rains! Yeah... Its a festival in Seattle if it doesn't rain! :P But not gonna miss it this time... I have a feeling that this summer will be far more new than the last one... Gonna drop by some lakes, go on trails, hike if I can.. Yep.. That's it! And last but not least, Happy All Fool's Day! :)

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