Been a while right? I know... Life's pretty much ordinary and routine you know and that's why couldn't find anything to pen down... Just made some petty resolutions though! First, to stop my soda addiction. Took to drinking loads and loads of water and tripling my trips to the loo- That's the downside! Second, Made a point to read more, Put my kindle to good use. Third, an attempt to become a little bold to venture things, something which I avoided all my life. Yep! So trying my best to make these 3 a habit for now... Oh yeah and forgot, never-mind how lousy my drafting skills are now, I wanna write just whatever I can and spill everything right here instead of bottling up every stupid thing in my already crammed otherwise clueless mind! Oh Yeah, and the fourth, to make sure I spend less time on social networking and more on knowing current affairs, in other words, putting my laptop and internet to some good use other than just some useless browsing. Yeah I know what you think now, "What's the big deal in these?" Well, you never know how irksome my lifestyle was even to me! Time to start with trivial things like these before making some really big decisions in life right? Because I am yet to do a lot which I am phobic to.. getting over my fears will be the first step. And yeah, I recently developed a special interest in documentaries you know... And OMG! I never ever bothered to check out Netflix properly but now I see the collection it had... Numerous documentaries just about anything! I should start a documentary marathon for a change now... And summer's right around the corner so no more getting glued to the couch. Time to get my ass outside for fresh air! Hehe... That's it for now... Have a good summer you all! Bubye!!! 

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