Summer!! Lovely Summer!

Compared to our old apartment, our new apartment was so cool and pleasant for this summer. With loads of greenery everywhere, a considerably spacious patio, Lovely shady pavements to go on long walks, breezy days. Its so pleasant. Being from the southern part of India, I never ever imagined that someday I would love even Summers! I love the way how tables turn for the good. And the most blissful part of this summer was well spent at a beach! I had such a good time that I can't forget. It was my ideal summer vacation. A long weekend on the shores of the Pacific! It was a bliss!

Awesome authentic seafood, Fireworks, sand dunes, Sunbath, goofing around with the waves! It was awesome. And guess what? I made friends with some adorable pets too! I always considered myself a Dog person. But I fell for a cute kitten "Milo". He was such an adorable fur ball! Loved the place this time more than the last! 

Staying off the grid for a weekend enjoying nothing but sun-kissed mornings, good food, and ocean's bliss.. That's life! Over all, this summer rocks!

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