Get away!

Finally had a well deserved last get away this month.
Bid goodbye to yet another awesome summer in Washington. 
Chose Mt. Crystal and Paradise as our destinations. Totally worth it! The Gondala Rides, Awesome Utopian landscapes, Yummy food, foggy mornings, cozy beds What not. The perfect holiday! For the first time ever I can't believe but I actually hiked. And that's a start. Ofcourse its pouring rains and showers once again in Seattle now so I must say that Fall 2015 is round the corner as temperatures are slyly falling below 50's! Time to take out those comforters and give them a good wash, and also to polish my winter boots as rains are pretty damp and messy here! So far so good, its windy and pleasant since the past one week in spite of those irksome rains and road blocks every now and then! Nothing much left to pen down. Siyonara!

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