A new year!

Yet another year slipped from the gaps of our fingers, slowly and slyly.
I just can't fathom the life had I not lived this year! So many things and just so much progress into life. And the best part is, I got to do it together with the company of a person whom I never got to know totally up until recent past. So looking forward to the challenges 2016 is about to throw. And I know for a fact that , life is gonna take one irreversible turn and it makes me happy that it's all for the greater good. OK its not the "Harry Potter" kind of greater good TBH! I am completely content with the way things turned out in 2015 but the latter part sucked big time! Not gonna get to the reminiscence part. Just NO. 

Its a very old and a boring saying that "Everything Happens for a reason & God has a plan for us all." But as boring and cliche as it may seem, it's also damn true and my personal experience enlightens me this much, thank you!

So praying and hoping that this Love, Trust, Togetherness, Faith and God's gifted Companionship stays the same through out! Touchwood!

Happy new year y'all!!! Stay blessed!

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